Hanging chair Newline XL in red


High quality Xl hanging chair made in Brazil. Comes with matching cushions and a bamboo spreader. It also has a sowed in pocket to store your phone. The ‘Newline’ hanging chairs are part of our ‘Premium’ collection and therefore come with a 3 year warranty against breakage.

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We have been producing to the ‘NewLine’ collection for many decades in Brazil. Every year we add new colors and take some out to make sure that we stay tuned with the latest interior and garden design trends. In 2015 we started adding small pockets to the inside of the chairs. In our shops we would often found mobile phones lying left behind. They would have fallen out of customers their back pockets. This small innovation of adding a dedicated pocket is very useful for safe storage of the phone. In 2014 we developed a new spreader for our ‘NewLine’ hanging chairs. These would replace the hardwood spreaders with a spreader made out of pressed bamboo. Comes with matching cushions.

  • Width: 43” (110 cm)
  • Max. capacity: 300 lbs (135 kg)
  • Min. hanging height: 89” (225 cm)
  • Material: 100% Cotton cloth and bamboe spreader
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Color: red

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