Hanging Chair Lounger Ecru double layer coton with Arc Larch Stand


Wonderful lounger hanging chairs, which almost all our customers go to the knees for. Super relaxed and extremely strong due to the use of two layers of fabric. Our hanging chairs have two sewn-in pockets for the mobile, but which can also be used to store other small items. These Lounger chairs support the whole body, including the legs and feet and not just the feet as with cheap solutions, which you also see on the internet (very bad for the Achilles tendon). The foot section can also be folded under the seat for easy sitting upright. COMPLETE WITH 2 CUSHIONS.
The stand is easy to move, because the lounger can easily be removed with the supplied S-hooks. And in spring, the lounger can be turned so that you can lie/sit in the spring sun.

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Load capacity 160kg (360 pound)

Wide above 150cm below 110cm

Depth 110cm Height 170cm

Warranty 3 years with proper use.

When used outdoors, treat annually with oil or varnish

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Carrying Capacity

180 kg

Length of fabric

210 cm

Minimal Hanging Distance


Minimal Hanging Height


Total Length



150 cm




3 years


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