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All the hammocks from our Especial Series are made of an extra thick wire, which is stronger than the wire of the standard Mexican hammocks and gives more support to the body. The Familial Especial size is a large size hammock where you can easily lie down in pairs. We started producing these hammocks in 2002, because the wires of the normal mexico hammocks in our famous shop on the Bloemenmarkt in the center of Amsterdam broke too quickly. These net hammocks are extremely comfortable and because they are woven open, it is also a wonderful hammock when the weather is extremely hot. Not suitable for small children.

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Mexican hammock made of extra thick cottom yarn. These hammocks are specially produced for us and are much more durable then the standard Mexican hammocks. All our Mexican hammocks are made in the Yucatan region of Mexico. These hammock are extremely comfortable due to the open net weaving and many tension ropes to provide optimal dispersion of body weight. Due to the nature of this hammock they are great during hot weather as they do not hold any body heat.. The minimal hanging distance is 11’10” (380 cm) and minimal hanging height is 5’10” (170 cm). Because all Mexican hammocks are hand-made they can vary slightly from the one depicted in the picture. Also great in combination with one of our hammock stands.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Carrying Capacity

250 kg

Length of fabric

240 cm


100% cotton

Minimal Hanging Distance

380 cm

Minimal Hanging Height

170 cm

Total Length

400 cm


210 cm




Family – XL




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