About Us

Marañon, a pioneer in the export of South American hammocks to Europe, has been selling high-quality hammocks since 1981. Our philosophy is to combine traditional techniques with modern trends, which has been our guiding principle since we opened our hammock shop at the Amsterdam Flower Market.

More than 30 Years of experience and quality

With over 30 years of experience, we have now shifted our focus to the hammock wholesale trade. Our products appeal to the high-end market segment, and we produce only beautiful, strong, and comfortable hammocks that are incredibly durable. Our hammocks can easily last 10 years or more with proper use, which is why we offer a 5-year warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

We are also environmentally conscious and use only 100% cotton in our hammocks. We do not use cotton mixed with polyester, as we are committed to protecting the planet from microplastic pollution.


Fairtrade is an integral part of our business model. We are passionate about giving a future to the women and men who have put their talents into the manufacture of high-quality hammocks for many years. This involves a lot of manual work, and we strive to pay them fair wages in return for quality and a high-quality product and not for the lowest possible price. Our hammock makers benefit from this.

Produced in Brazil

We are proud to produce our beautiful collection of macramé hammocks with our long-standing partner in Brazil, the best and most reliable producer in the country. We have worked with them for 30 years, and they have always delivered exactly what we ordered.